Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pampers Dry Max...

As you all know, I'm a huge cloth diaper advocate.  I love them and plan to use them for the remainder of my diapering days.  I personally think they are the best, safest way to go when it comes to my kids.  It took a mindshift when we first converted, but my hubby jumped on board and we just went for it.  I guess maybe it's the crunchy side of me that I just can't shake!  Anyway, I always had a feeling that the disposables that I had purchased at the local SUPERmarket didn't just start out bright white and it's just not natural for paper, or plastic or whatever they're made of to absorb a bladder full of pee.  Not to mention that smell, the baby powder oder or whatever they smell like.  It's like they're trying to redefine the 'baby smell' people always naustalgically mention when they see an infant. 

So I just read on a blog that I follow (Dirty Diaper Laundry) about the newest addition to the Pampers arsenal, Dry Max Cruisers.  Apparently they are causing a ton of problems for the little bums that they chemical burn type rashes.  Yikes!  This particular blog showed a picture of one such bum (I will spare you the graphic proof) and it was horrible looking.  Now I myself have battled diaper rash with my second son Noah.  He's got really sensitive skin, it's the redhead thing I think.  Anyway, he would bleed and be so sore that I was afraid to even wipe him when he had a poopy diaper.  With all that said, we saw relief when we switched to fitteds without a cover or with a breathable wool cover.  That's the main reason I made the change from pockets to fitteds.  Anyway, I also relied on Bag Balm of all things to take away the rash.  It did wonders...who knows what's in it...but it did the trick.  After trying things like olive oil and milk.  Anyway, be warned!  Those of you who use disposables even part time, don't fall for the flier in the mail with the coupons!  If you must buy disposables (which I understand, and I confess I have a few on hand) get the unbleached kind like Seventh Generation!  I know I'm starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist today...but hey, we all want the best for our little ones and ourselves so if this is at least thought provoking then I'll be satisfied. 

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  1. Yay! Thanks for the reminder. We still use disposables on our two year old for most nights and a few outings. We're nearing the end of his box of cheap megastore disposables and I've been debating on buying more or springing for some 7th Gen's (which we usually only buy when they're on a super sale). This post pushed me over the top and I'll be ordering the 7th gen's...