Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Wow, it's  been a while.  Life kind of grabbed hold of us and took us for a spin!  This summer has already flown by, I can't believe July is almost over!  It's been a summer of big moments for us here at the Lovejoy household.  Jack turned 6 and lost his first tooth the day before his birthday.  I didn't realize what a big deal that would be to me, but it made me a little choked up!  To think that he got his first tooth right around 6 months (actually the official day that he turned 6 months:) and the lost it the day before he turned 6.  This year he's headed off to Kindergarten...not sure I'm ready for that.  It's like breaking into a new phase of life! 

Along with those changes, I've made some new changes to my diapers as well!  Out with the old, in with the new.  I've trimmed up my diaper pattern a bit, it's narrower through the mid-section and the inserts are a little trimmer as well.  It's still the same great diaper, just a little less bulky and hopefully more favorable to you all!  We have been loving it here:)  I'm offering the first ones with sherpa as the innner, making it a little more economical, lighter weight for summer and still the great absorbancy that I'm not willing to compromise on.  I'll be listing the first ones in the next day or so, be on the lookout!

I'm really proud to be introducing my new medium size diapers as well!!  These have been in the works for some time now and they are finally ready to start offering to you!  I'm super excited about them, they've been a fantastic addition to my own diaper stash now that Jasper has grown out of his newborn/smalls.  They are the same great fit as the smalls and the one size just a little more specific to that 'baby' stage (10-20lbs.approx.).  Again, I'm introducing these with sherpa on the inside but will be offering them this fall/winter with my yummy heavy fleece.  I can't wait!!  Hurry over and check them out for yourself.  I'm listing a few today and more to come soon!! 

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