Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Goodies on Etsy

Here are my latest creations for Etsy:) The other day I got to go take pictures of my friend's baby in a new little cocoon that I made. Sooo cute! I am making one for our bambino in the meantime. I also put my little stocking cap on her and took some cute photos. Newborns are just so easy to photograph! I wish toddlers and 5 year olds were as easy...
Did I mention I LOVE my camera?:) Below: some new sock monkey longies and some adorable girly longies that I'm calling 'Sunday's Best' because of the black and purple and also the picot trim around the bottom. I'm laughing right now to myself becuase I know there are people out there trying to predict what we are having based on what I've been knitting...he he he....by the way...I sold the 'jack o'lantern' longies a couple of weeks ago in case you're wondering:)

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