Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Scarves

I started these last winter and just finally finished them up! For some reason it takes me forever to get things finished when I have to sew buttons or do a fringe or something like that. I just procrastinate! But the boys LOVE these and have been having "snake fights" with each other and dad constantly. It's fun to have them like something I make! The snake's tongue makes him look a little like a fire breathing dragon...but oh well. I was a little afraid that they would be itchy but they're not at all so that's lucky I guess. I plan to make a few more for the other guys (nephews etc.) for Christmas. They're pretty quick and easy. The tweed gives them a fun effect too! Mark thinks I should make a hat that looks like a snake swallowing your head and call it the 'I'm being eaten by a boa constrictor' hat...you know that poem? It's one of those morbid poems that we all grew up reading.


  1. These scarves are super cute! Stopping by from Kindred Spirit and love your work!